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What is GrandBid?

GrandBid is an exclusive marketplace platform connecting buyers and sellers expanding their networks and providing access to rare luxurious commodities worldwide via listings, and various types of auctions.

Who are the buyers & sellers in GrandBid?

Buyers and Sellers are auctioneers, brokers, concierges, dealers and other companies, and they are also private owners who’s able to buy, to sell and to bid worldwide exclusive luxury items.

Why Grandbid unique?

Currently a worldwide marketplace platform for buying and selling opulent merchandise in addition to concierge services of inspections, delivery, and appraisals truly abetting the buyers and sellers throughout the entire transaction.

Why join Grandbid?

GrandBid platform and team solves your transacting problems worldwide and will introduce you to the most QUALIFIED buyers and sellers in the most privileged arena. Advertising is offered so seller receive more exposure and buyers gain access to hard to find items.

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